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Students' Projects

Students participating in the Practicum select their topics in the fall semester prior to the field trip and they have a choice of doing their projects individually or in teams. Starting early in September they develop an outline, use library and Internet to obtain secondary data, contact and visit local companies and agencies in New York to conduct preliminary interviews. They also contact companies in the target country to schedule interviews and visits. After arriving at the target country, students learn about its economy, markets, business practices, and people. They complete their research projects before the end of the trip and make a formal presentation to the group the day before coming back to the United States. These are the topics and projects developed by participants in recent field trips:


2009 - Argentina

Argentina's Textile Industry: Current Issues

Leather Products: Argentina's Exports

Argentinean Accessories Industry

US-Argentina Trade Relations

Contemporary Fashion Designers in Argentina

Argentina's Sportswear Industry

Argentina's Film Industry: Imports and Exports

Iguazu Falls: Engine of Economic Growth

La Boca: History of Buenos Aires

US Fashion Brands in Argentina

Argentina's Economy: From the 2001 Crisis to Today

Argentina's Fashion Markets

Tourism and Fashion Industries in Argentina


2008 - Panama

Panama Canal: Waterway's financial impact on Panama & US
Trade of Endangered Animals in Panama
Role of Colon Free Trade Zone in Panama's Globalization
Impact of the Canal Widening on Trade and Environment

U.S. and Panama: Differences in Law & Marketing
Panama's Fashion Markets
Panama's Logistics Infrastructure
Panama's People, History, and the Canal
Mola Clothes of the Kuna Indians: Native Textiles in central America
The Politics of the Canal's Expansion
Panama's Culture and Commerce
Panama's Imports and Exports
Panama's Business Culture
Panama's Economy: Current Challenges

2007 – Brazil
Cotton Industry in Brazil: Export Potential
Underwear Apparel Manufacturing in Brazil: Developing Sourcing Contacts
Leather Industry in Brazil
Cotton Industry in Brazil: Marketing Techniques
Silk Screening Industry in Brazil: Exporting Demand
Fashion Product Development in Brazil: International Potential
Brazilian Denim Industry: Study of Costs
Illegal Trade of Animals: Patterns and Sanctions
Brazilian Jewelry Industry: Gems Exports
Brazilian Textile Industry: Challenges
Brazil trade with China
Ramie Fibers (Hemp) Industry
Sourcing Apparel in Brazil: Ideas for U.S. Importers

2006 – Costa Rica
Central America Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA)
Sourcing Textiles and Apparel in Costa Rica
Studies of Child Labor in Central America
Can Costa Rica Produce International Fashion Designs?
U.S.-Costa Rica Trade Relations
International Eco-Tourism: The Costa Rican Case
Wild Life Preservation in Costa Rica
Comparing U.S. and Costa Rica Merchandising Practices
The Environment as Part of the Merchandising Mix
Shark Finning: Japan’s Role in Costa Rica
Costa Rica: A Trade History
Costa Rica: An International Real Estate Market

2005 - Portugal
Portugal's Textile Industries: Exports to the U.S.
Portugal's Textile Industries: Exports to Asia
Portugal's Market for Luxury Goods
Current International Fashion Trends
Role of Portugal in the European Union
Portugal's International Economy
Portugal's Exports and Imports
Role of Portugal Government in International Trade
Portuguese Fashion: Past & Present
Fashion Design in Portugal: U.S. Influences
Portugal’s Businesses and Consumers: A Survey
Portugal's Textile Industries: Cotton Goods