Event Date and Time

Event Date and Time

Start Date/Start Time and End Date/End Time

This is the date and times for the actual event; in this example, an event is being scheduled that will take place from 11:00am - noon on Thursday, January 26.


These are times that indicate when attendees are allowed to be in the space; in this example, doors open for the event 30 minutes prior to start and attendees are expected to leave immediately afterward.


These are times that indicate when staff should be available to prepare for your event and takedown afterward; in this example, setup is expected to take two hours before doors open (Pre-Event) and tear down will take 30 minutes (Post-Event).

Event Repeats?

If you are scheduling an event that happens more than once, you can choose to have it repeat daily, weekly, monthly, or ad hoc; selecting "ad hoc" will allow you to choose multiple random dates.