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Advertising and Marketing Communications

Focusing on writing, and creative strategies to find marketing solutions for businesses, the associates-level will provide you with a foundation in advertising, publicity, market research and journalism. You will learn how companies effectively communicate to various groups through the use of print and broadcast media.  Hands-on assignments will provide you with the experience you need for the courses in the bachelors program.

The baccalaureate-level addresses public relations, brand management, direct marketing, media planning and broadcast production.  You’ll develop and execute campaign strategies to address long range marketing objectives using a variety of media and communication vehicles. Students completing the AAS degree in this program may enter the Advertising and Marketing Communications BS program without reapplication.

Internships with ad agencies, public relations companies, magazines, newspapers and broadcast outlets provide on-the-job experience.

Graduates go on to careers in advertising, public relations, broadcasting, marketing, media buying and journalism.



Balestrino, Richard



Fraser, John


Romano, Albert


Full Time Faculty
Brav, Janet 74474
Buchman, Jeffrey 74475
Cokkinos, Michael 74476
David, Deborah 74477
Elins, Roberta 74478
Finnerty, Linda 74479
Leopold, Allison K. 74509
Ogunsola, Abimbola 74481
Rejaud, Jean Marc 74480
Schachter, Theodore 74483
Simone, John 74484
Sok, Ronald 74485
Volpe, Loretta 74487


Alexandrou, Alex 74495
Bohn, Robert 74518
Brownlee, Neil 74497
Cias, Donna 74783
Farnham, Frank 74499
Fitts, Rebecca 74735
Gugel, Craig 74502
Hunter, Elizabeth 74727
James, Linda 74503
Johnson, Lynda 74504
Karesh, Stacey 74505
Lankalis II, John 74511
LaRosa, John 74508
Lev, Lauren 74510
Lore, Jerry 74524
Manfredi, Karen 74734
Monaco, Jeannette 74876
Oppenheim, Dennis 74513
Paganette, Joann 74514
Purcell, Alis 74482
Reichel, Walter 74515
Rorvig, Dean 74517
Rubyan, Robert 74519
Sandler, Mark 74739
Satzman, Herbert 74521
Schlueter, Michael 74522
Shanov, Vera 74738
Solomito,Rennard 74501
Stone, Dan 74730
Tran, Tuyet 73526




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