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Spring 2009 ITM Scholarship Opportunities             Posted: Jan. 26, 2009 

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1.  2010 Gemini Shippers Association's Scholarships available to ITM Majors.  Deadline:  Thursday, March 5, 2009

2.  Gemini Shippers Association's ITM 2010 Practicum Scholarship.   Deadline:  Thursday, March 5, 2009

3.  2010 The Warnaco Inc. Group Scholarships. Deadline:  Tuesday, March 10, 2009



Nicole Martin

Great News!                                                                   Posted: Dec.. 17, 2008


ITM is very pleased to announce that Ms. Nicole Martin-Lewis has been promoted to Administrative Assistant retroactively from November, 2008.  Nicole has taken on significant responsibilities with admirable fervor since she joined ITM in May 2007 and has been exemplary in demonstrating to the FIT community what it takes to be a role model, student-oriented team player. Nicole functions as our office manager, and coordinates the Talking Trade at FIT lecture series, field trips, faculty and Advisory Board meetings, assists with the Practicum and various other activities that make ITM a successful department. CONGRATULATIONS!


President Obama

Trade and the Obama Administration                            posted: Dec.. 17, 2008


WASHINGTON — The search is on again for President-elect Barack Obama’s trade chief after the leading contender, Rep. Xavier Becerra (D., Calif.), took his name out of the running on Tuesday.  Ron Kirk, a former mayor of Dallas, and Harold Ford Jr., a former congressman from Tennessee, are two names that have surfaced in the past 48 hours as leading candidates for the cabinet-level post, according to news reports and industry lobbyists. Becerra, a California Democrat who has served in the House of Representatives since 1992 and holds a coveted position on the House Ways and Means Committee, issued a statement Tuesday night saying he had decided to stay in the House, where he will become vice chairman of the House Democratic Caucus and withdraw his name from the running.  Becerra told La Opinion, a Spanish-language newspaper, that he was concerned Obama would not make trade a top priority in his administration.  Article



The Recession of 2008 (and 2009?)                                                                        Posted: Dec.. 1, 2008

WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) -- The U.S. economy entered a recession in December 2007, a committee of economists at the private National Bureau of Economic Research said Monday. The economy reached a peak of activity in December 2007 and has been declining since, according to the business cycle dating committee of the NBER. The government, academics and the private sector generally defer to the NBER's judgments about recessions.

The committee does not judge a recession as two consecutive quarterly declines in gross domestic product; rather, it examines quarterly data along with four key monthly economic indicators: employment, incomes, industrial output and sales. Employment and incomes peaked in December, industrial output peaked in January, and sales peaked in June, the NBER committee said. The committee's definition of a recession is as follows: "A recession is a significant decline in economic activity spread across the economy, lasting more than a few months, normally visible in production, employment, real income, and other indicators."

The committee, which includes academic economists, met on Friday by conference call. Several members of the committee had said earlier that the economy was likely in a recession, but said they were waiting for more information before making the call about when the recession had begun. ARTICLE



CITA Makes DR-CAFTA                                            Posted: Nov. 23, 2008

Short Supply Determination on Polyester Fabrics
The Committee for the Implementation of Textile Agreements (CITA) has made determinations under the U.S.-Dominican Republic-Central America Free Trade Agreement that the following fabrics are not available in commercial quantities in a timely manner in the DR-CAFTA countries. As a result of this determination, effective Nov. 18 these fabrics will be added to the short supply list in DR-CAFTA Annex 3.25 in unrestricted quantities.

• certain polyester sharkskin fabric classified under HTSUS 5515.12.00 and 5407.93.20
• certain polyester mini stripe fabric classified under HTSUS 5512.19.00 and 5515.12.00
• certain polyester pin dot dobby fabric classified under HTSUS 5515.12.00 and 5407.93.20
• certain polyester stripe fabric classified under HTSUS 5512.19.00 and 5515.12.00

Source Document 1  Source Document 2  Source Document 3     Source Document 4 

                                                        Published from: World Trade\INTERACTIVE



Position Available                                                                                       Posted: Nov. 22, 2008

ADMINISTRATIVE COORDINATOR    (F09-10-18 Position #363)

Department:       FIT's Career Services

Supervisor:         Daisy Alverio, Acting Director

Days/Hours:       35 hrs/wk; Mon– Fr, 9am-5pm.  Schedule subject to change based on the needs of the dept.

Salary:              $51,594 (Salary Group 93/0)  -  Effective:Immediately

Qualifications:   Bachelor's degree or completion of four years in an accredited post secondary institution of learning and five years of appropriate experience; or Associate's degree and seven years of appropriate experience; or high school diploma and nine years of appropriate experience.  The candidate must have excellent organizational skills, be detail oriented and have the ability to be pro-active and follow through on completion of assignments. Candidate must have experience working independently and using initiative; strong time management and goal-setting skills. S/he must have the ability to deal effectively with frequent interruptions and support multiple personnel with competing priorities in work assignments.  Ability to compose and proof read correspondence and prepare administrative reports, as necessary.  S/he will have evaluative/ problem solving abilities and the ability to work with a certain amount of autonomy.    Must have experience in office procedures and be highly proficient in the use of Microsoft Office Suite software.  Show a willingness to learn and use new technology. High degree of discretion, and ability to maintain confidentiality required.  Must possess and demonstrate excellent customer service skills, resourcefulness, tact and the ability to work with a diverse constituency.

DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES:  Provide administrative support for the Director of Career Services in a variety of administrative activities. Anticipate, coordinate and follow-up on Director’s calendar, projects and deadlines.  Plan, arrange and follow up on commitments for meetings; prepare agendas and a variety of correspondence, send notices, take and prepare notes/minutes at meetings as required.  Review mail and compose correspondence under own signature or under Director’s signature.  Serve as a liaison, contact and troubleshooter. Establish procedures as needed and apply these to enhance administration of the office.  S/he will coordinate departmental activities which include: information compilation and retrieval, preparation of budgets, track budgetary expenditure, maintain supply inventory and enter purchase requisitions and expense reports into Bitech.   Organize and maintain both computer and administrative files with accuracy.  Resolve situations independently or refer to appropriate parties.  Handle multiple projects concurrently.  Screen and respond to inquiries; interact with administrators, deans, faculty, staff and vendors to support initiatives.  Work on special projects as required. This is a general description and is not to be construed as all-inclusive.

TO APPLY:  Qualified candidates from within the College who are interested in this position should file their application with FIT's Human Resources, 236 West 27th Street, 11th floor.


Global Trends 2025: A World Transformed

Intelligence Report Foresees Year 2020                    Posted: Nov. 21, 2008


The risks of nuclear weapons being used and wars being fought over dwindling resources will grow during the next 20 years as diminishing U.S. power, a shift of wealth from West to East, the rise of India and China, and climate change reshape the world, a new U.S. intelligence study warns "The international system - as constructed following the Second World War - will be almost unrecognizable by 2025 owing to the rise of emerging powers, a globalizing economy, an historic transfer of relative wealth and economic power from West to East, and the growing influence of non-state actors," the report said. The U.S. "will remain the single most important actor but will be less dominant," in part due to its military power and also because many nations will continue looking to U.S. leadership on issues such as climate change and non-proliferation, the report said. The current

economic upheaval could hasten those trends, but it's unlikely to trigger "a complete breakdown" in the international financial and political order, said the report, "Global Trends 2025: A World Transformed."


Among its optimistic notes, the report projected life-improving technological breakthroughs in energy and other areas, and the likely "diminished appeal" of Islamic extremism, with al-Qaida becoming an "aging group" that could "decay into marginality." Terrorism, however, likely will remain a threat, the report said. The report, the fourth in a series that examines the forces that are driving international developments, was written by the U.S. National Intelligence Council, which is composed of the top U.S. intelligence analysts, with input from experts around the world. The studies, which are timed to coincide with the advent of new administrations, aim "to stimulate strategic thinking" by incoming officials about how "the places, the personalities, the developments in their areas of responsibility" affect the wider world, NIC Chairman Thomas Fingar told a news briefing.  FULL REPORT



Latin American Countries Pursuing FTAs with Europe, Asia                        Posted: Nov. 20, 2008
A number of Latin American countries, having already negotiated and, in many cases, implemented free trade agreements with the U.S., are now pursuing similar efforts with major trading partners in Europe and Asia.

EU to Seek Bilateral FTAs with Andean Countries. The European Union has broken off talks on a bloc-to-bloc FTA with the four-member Andean Community and will instead pursue bilateral FTAs with Colombia and Peru, according to press sources. The CAN had been negotiating an FTA with the EU since last year but there has been little progress due to differences between Peru and Colombia on the one hand and Ecuador and Bolivia on the other. In explaining the EU’s decision to take a different approach, EU foreign relations commissioner Benita Ferrero-Waldner said that “Colombia and Peru have repeatedly shown their willingness to make progress in trade negotiations with the European Union … [and] I think we should continue down this track.”

Ecuador has indicated that it is interested in a bilateral trade deal with the EU as well. Foreign Minister Maria Isabel Salvador noted, however, that such an agreement would not be an FTA and would have to include “fairer” terms that take Ecuador’s relatively low level of economic development into account. 


Unwanted Imports

A SEA OF UNWANTED IMPORTS                    Posted: Nov. 20, 2008
LONG BEACH, Calif. — Gleaming new Mercedes cars roll one by one out of a huge container ship here and onto a pier. Ordinarily the cars would be loaded on trucks within hours, destined for dealerships around the country. But these are not ordinary times. For now, the port itself is the destination. Unwelcome by dealers and buyers, thousands of cars worth tens of millions of dollars are being warehoused on increasingly crowded port property. And for the first time, Mercedes-Benz, Toyota, and Nissan have each asked to lease space from the port for these orphan vehicles. They are turning dozens of acres of the nation’s second-largest container port into a parking lot, creating a vivid picture of a paralyzed auto business and an economy in peril. “This is one way to look at the economy,” Art Wong, a spokesman for the port, said of the cars. “And it scares you to death.”  The backlog at the port is just part of a broader rise in the nation’s inventories, which were up 5.5 percent in September from a year earlier, according to the Commerce Department. The car industry has been hurt particularly, with sales down nearly 15 percent this year. General Motors has said it would run out of operating cash by the end of the year if it does not receive a government bailout. 



Position Available                                                                           Posted: Nov. 18, 2008


 Department:     FIT's Office of International Programs

Supervisor:        Georgianna Appignani

Days/Hours:      35 hrs/wk; Monday –Friday, 9:00am – 5:00pm  Schedule subject to change based on the needs of Dept.

Salary:              $19.19/hour  (Schedule 87)  -  Effective:Immediately through June 30, 2009

High school graduate and completion of two years in an accredited post-secondary institution of learning plus two years of appropriate experience; or high school graduate and four years of appropriate experience. Proficient computer skills, especially with database and imaging programs with an emphasis on data entry, particularly Exel. Strong verbal and written communication skills and ability to effectively to respond to and communicate information required. Must be highly organized and possess excellent customer service skills. Experience in college Student Services or Customer Service preferred.
Provide reception/telephone front desk coverage as needed including trouble shooting and student problem resolution. Provide basic information on established policies, procedures, such as: program offerings, dates, costs, application deadlines, etc. Maintain a phone and e-mail log of student inquiries. Distribute incoming mail and process outgoing mail of important documents. Assist in the scheduling of meetings and orientation sessions; organize production of and distribution of flyers and posters.  Order and keep inventory of office supplies. File, reproduce and distribute students’ documents as required. Process documents electronically for student payments, travel advances, expense reimbursement. Become competent in FIT electronic systems: Bitec, Banner and others as required. This is a general description and is not to be construed as all-inclusive.

TO APPLY Qualified candidates from within the College who are interested in this position should file their application with Margaret Hanrahan, FIT's Personnel office, 236 West 27th Street, 11th floor.



World’s poorest economies meet to talk trade issues                                 Posted: Nov. 18, 2008

Phnom Penh, Nov 18 (Xinhua) Trade and industry ministers from the poorest countries have arrived in Siem Reap to explore ways and means of integrating their economies into the global trading system, said a press release here Tuesday. The ministers will be joined in the coming two days by donors and development agencies active in trade at the regional and global levels, said the release from the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) and the World Trade Organization (WTO).  This year’s Least Developed Countries (LDCs) Ministerial Conference is organized jointly by UNIDO and WTO and hosted by the government of Cambodia from Nov 19-20. One of the main topics is “Aid for Trade” (AfT), a package of incentives designed to help the LDCs overcome structural and resource constraints in exchange for more speedy trade reforms, it said.  ARTICLE


Birnbaum’s Global Guide to Winning the Great Garment War

Author David Birnbaum                     Posted: Nov. 17, 2008

6:00pm - 7:30pm - Seminar Room SR9 (Basement Bldg D)
FIT's Global Fashion Management program invites ITM majors to hear the author of Birnbaum’s Global Guide to Winning the Great Garment War, a textbook used in IN433 Global Sourcing, and as well as “The Birnbaum Report”. He’s a recognized authority on apparel industry production, sourcing, trade, and economic development. His presentation will be "The Role of the Garment Professional in the New World Economy":
- 30 years ago, the garment professional was a production specialist, able to teach the factory to press a dress shirt without shine or a pants pattern with room for the customer's ass and ship them on time.
- 20 years ago, the garment professional was a duty/quota specialist, able to engineer the garment to the lowest duty rate and ship the garment with lowest quota premium.
- 10 years the garment professional was someone with an enormous rolodex with access to reliable factories all over the world.
- Today those skills have little value. The industry, and particularly its role in the global economy, is undergoing tectonic change. Professionals with the right education and skills have opportunities unforeseen even five years ago.
Mr. Birnbaum is working on some interesting projects in the Dominican Republic and Peru and has agreed to take time out of a packed schedule for this discussion with FIT students.

Those interested in attending, should RSVP to Kelelyn:  Please note:  Priority will be given to GFM students 



Position Available:                                                                    Posted: Nov. 13, 2008

Interactive Associate Project Manager                                
Company: Createthe Group
Industry Advertising Agency/Interactive Luxury
Job Requirements: Createthe Group has an immediate opening for an energetic and motivated Associate Project manager with 1-2 years experience + tech preferred to serve our fashion and luxury clients. The PM is responsible for managing the internal creative and technical team and ensuring timely deliverables.
• Draft scopes of work, project plans and other project related documentation with team leads and Account Managers
• Manage multiple projects (large and small) for the entire life cycle of the project
• Partner with Account Manager to develop project strategy
• Responsible for requirements, information, merchandising and training with createthe solutions and front end web build
• Manage the creative, technical, production and IA team throughout the project life cycle
• Strong technical interest of WWW and the software
• Knowledge of usability, quality assurance process and strong knowledge and use of project management best practices and software
• Strong interest and love of fashion
About Our Company: Createthe Group is the leading full-service interactive agency for luxury, fashion & retail brands. We are experts at delivering effective and highly creative interactive solutions: world class brand and eCommerce websites, strategic online marketing campaigns, and cutting-edge technology tools. We are proud to partner with our clients in the US and Europe including: Americana Manhasset, Balenciaga, Bottega Veneta, Burberry, Calvin Klein, David Yurman, Donna Karan, Estee Lauder, Ferragamo, Gucci, Interview Magazine, Krug, Marc Jacobs, Miu Miu, Movado, Nicole Miller, New York Times, Stella McCartney, Tom Ford and more.



ITSA booth at 2008 USA-ITA Conference

ITSA Represents ITM at                         Posted: Nov. 12, 2008    


This year's conference of the U.S. Association of Importers of Textiles and Apparel (USA-ITA) was an exciting learning experience for ITM majors who volunteered to help at the event and staff the ITSA booth. The conference brought together professionals in logistics, importing, exporting, sourcing and other international trade areas. ITM majors attended the workshops and met people from APL, Maersk, International Trade Commission, U.S. Customs and Border Protection, Ann Taylor, and MAGIC.  ITSA looks forward to assisting with many more USA-ITA conferences in coming years!


CGS Conference - Las Vegas 2008

ITM Scholar addresses                                             Posted: Nov. 11, 2008    


Soo Jin Yoon, the 2009 Rep. Lantos International Studies Scholarship delivered an inspiring speech at Computer Generated Solutions’ annual conference in Vegas on Oct 27. She spoke about her career goals and Rep. Lantos’ interest in global and humanitarian issues. In this three-day conference, CGS's clients, partners and industry experts addressed how to prepare for the future by leveraging efficiency with sustainable growth. CEO Phil Friedman and Senior VP Paul Magel announced the establishment of the Lantos Scholarship at FIT's ITM and the creation of a Blue Cherry University to provide training services to clients.  Speech



A Serendipitous Encounter                                                            Posted: Nov. 10, 2008          


Cotton Farm Cotton Farm Cotton Farm

While visiting friends in Phoenix, Arizona, a few weeks ago, Nadia Pereira who is taking IN312 this semester, decided to drive around and see the country side. She had been using much of this trip's time to finish reading The Travels of a T-shirt and write a book report which would be due upon returning to New York. As she drove outside Phoenix, she suddenly recognized cotton plants and immediately stopped the car to take pictures of several tractors busily harvesting the white pods. She introduced herself to Sonny Hatley, who has been farming cotton for the last 33 years in his 2,000 acres farm. He sends his cotton CalCot, a farmers' co-op in California which sells it to China and Mexico; the seeds are used to feed cattle. Mr. Hatley will turn 74 years young this November 21st. Happy Birthday, Farmer Hatley!


La Tribune

Election 2008                                              Posted: Nov. 5, 2008                


Asian countries are bracing themselves for the impact Obama's victory will have on trade policy. His win could delay a major trade pact with South Korea and could intensify pressure on China on the related issues of its currency valuation and the U.S. trade deficit. Obama has suggested he would push for a revision of the terms of a historic free trade agreement signed in 2007 by South Korea and the U.S. after nearly a year of tough talks and yet to be ratified by the two countries. The agreement would abolish most tariffs on goods traded between the two countries and would add tens of billions of dollars to bilateral trade. "Koreans are all worrying about the FTA," said Dong Hyu Yang, an economist at Seoul National University. "Mr. Obama would like to renegotiate the agreement, but I wonder if this is possible from this side." The South Korean government may not be ready to renegotiate, but "it all depends on how tough Mr. Obama will get about this issue," he added.  Article


ITM Major Michelle Weiss and Professor Shireen Musa in Monterrey, 2008.

Monterrey, Mexico October 22-24                              Posted: Nov. 3, 2008

FIT's Department of International Trade and Marketing (ITM) was well represented at this year's Organization of Women in International Trade's (OWIT) 17th Annual World Conference, held in Monterrey, Mexico. Professor Shireen Musa conducted a workshop, and ITM major Michelle Weiss, who is an exchange student studying at Tecnológico de Monterrey this fall semester, volunteered and attended the conference, "Trade and the Triple Bottom Line: Societal, Economic and Environmental Sustainability." Professor Musa's workshop, "Educating Future Leaders on Sustainability," focused on the fashion industry and it covered the United Nations Global Compact, Life Cycle Assessment, designing for the environment and international business ethics. Michelle is the first ITM major to take advantage of a new student exchange program with Tecnologico de Monterrey, available starting this semester. Students interested in learning more about a semester in Monterrey, should see Prof. Pomeranz and send an email to Michelle to learn about her experiences in Mexico.


India-Asean FTA

Explosion of FTAs                                                           Posted: Nov. 1, 2008   


The latest sign that the postwar era of "multilateral" trade liberalization has ended came in September in Singapore. The event was an Association of Southeast Asian Nations ministerial meeting, where the 10-member grouping and India formally agreed to a "free trade" deal to take effect in January. At the same meeting, Asean leaders also agreed to establish yet another so-called "free trade agreement," this one with Australia and New Zealand. That brings to roughly 400 the number of regional and bilateral trade agreements that have been notified to the World Trade Organization. Meanwhile, another try to keep the Doha Round of world trade talks alive will be made in Geneva later this month. But the prospects are not bright, and all of this has been very predictable. Scores of observers -- not only academics -- have regularly warned that bilateral and regional trade pacts, which are in fact preferential rather than free trade agreements, are both a cause and a consequence of a breakdown of the WTO system.  Article


Talking Trade @ FIT: September 9, 2008

Talking Trade at FIT                                              Posted: Nov. 1, 2008


by ITM majors: Christina Napolitano (article), Laura Pedrol-Ripoll (photos)
This year’s first lecture of ITM's Talking Trade series, Designing Goods to Lower Customs Duties for Increased Profits, was sponsored by NEXCO and ITM. Guest speakers for this event were Robert L. Eisen, a partner at Baker & McKenzie specializing in tax and customs as well as international trade, and Diane L. Weinberg, a partner at Meeks, Sheppard, Leo & Pillsbury, a customs and international trade firm. 


ITSA - Fall 2008 Flea Market

ITSA Raises Funds                                                     Posted: Oct. 25, 2008

On October 23, members of the International Trade Student Association (ITSA) had a table in one of the several flea markets scheduled for this Fall 2008 semester. Volunteer ITM majors braved the cold whether staffing the table from 8 am until 7pm. This fundraising was successful and they are planning several other activities before the end of the semester. To learn about ITSA's activities or to volunteer contact Angellina Correa, ITSA Secretary.



British Baroness Catherine Ashton                                                                    Posted: Oct. 22, 2008


British Baroness Catherine Ashton, European Union Trade Commissioner

The European Parliament overwhelmingly approved British Baroness Catherine Ashton to replace Peter Mandelson as the European Union Trade Commissioner. The vote was 538 in favor and 40 against, with 63 abstentions including the British Conservatives. Britain's Tory leader in the European Parliament Philip Bushill-Matthews acknowledged that she had performed "positively" at her confirmation hearing in front of MEPs earlier this week, and promised that the Tories would work with the Baroness "in an effort to deliver Britain's interests." He added: "There is a great deal of important work to be done, and we will work with the new Commissioner towards the objective of promoting more open trade across the world." "Our group felt that, although Baroness Ashton is competent politically, she lacks the technical knowledge of the Commission trade dossier," explained a spokesman. "She will acquire that in time, and it was decided not to vote against her, but to abstain".

Catherine Ashton, a Labour Party member of the British House of Lords, won the endorsement of the European parliament yesterday to replace Peter Mandelson as European Union trade commissioner. Soon after her confirmation, Lady Ashton travelled to Geneva to assure WTO chief Pascal Lamy that the WTO and pursuing a successful Doha Round remains absolutely central to Europe's trade. Earlier, Ashton told the parliament's trade committee that her priority would be to revive the long-stalled Doha Round of global trade talks, and urging the United States to play its role. Elsewhere, her confirmation was welcomed as a boost for efforts to reach a global trade deal, which failed after intense talks in Geneva last July. At the confirmation hearing on Monday, Baroness Ashton vowed to keep the seven-year Doha Round of the world trade talks alive in her role as negotiator on behalf of the 27 EU countries. She also said her appointment would bring a change of style, since Peter Mandelson was considered a bully in many quarters and referred to as The Prince of Darkness.

The London-based Trade Justice Movement commented in a statement: "A fresh start is sorely needed to repair relations damaged by Peter Mandelson's bullying approach - especially to the raft of unfair trade deals currently being negotiated with developing countries, including some of the poorest, most vulnerable and poverty stricken countries in the world."   Source: Financial Times


Seal of the President of the U.S.A.

November 4                                                         Posted: Oct. 22, 2008


As the U.S. readies to elect its next President, let's review some of the basics:

Electing a US President in Plain English (YouTube, 3.43 minutes)

About the U.S. Electoral College (Wikipedia)

Electoral College System: Who really elects the U.S. President? (

POTUS: Presidents of the United States (Internet Public Library)

Presidents of the United States (The White House)

Dave Leip's Atlas of U.S. Presidential Elections (



Mercosur-India Free Trade Agreement                                           Posted: Oct. 22, 2008  


A free trade agreement between India and the Mercosur trade bloc moved closer to reality recently when Brazil and India approved the text of an agreement giving each side preferential tariff treatment to the other’s market. The pact will not take effect until 30 days after all parties have completed the necessary internal procedures, but it will then remain in force until the creation of a full FTA between India and Mercosur.

The preference agreement is composed of a base text and five annexes. The base text sets forth the general rights and commercial obligations of the parties with respect to rules of origin; customs valuation; antidumping, compensatory and safeguard measures; technical barriers; and sanitary measures. Annex I and II list the products that will be granted tariff preferences, which will generally range from 10 to 20 percent but can go as high as 100 percent. Approximately 450 items totaling about 900 tariff lines will be covered. These include meats, footwear, machines, devices and electronic materials in India and chemical products, machines, pharmaceutical products, plastic and rubber in the Mercosur countries.

Annex III establishes the specific disciplines for the rules of origin, Annex IV lays out safeguard measures and Annex V sets for the rules for the settlement of disputes on the application or interpretation of the agreement. The parties have also agreed to cooperate in the areas of animal health and plant protection, food security and mutual recognition of sanitary measures through their respective governing authorities.

According to official figures, in 2007 Brazilian imports from India totaled $2.2 billion and were led by mineral fuels, mineral oils, ores, slag and ash, aircraft, spacecraft, animal and vegetable fats and oils, rubber, and raw hides and skins. India’s imports from Brazil amounted to $958 million and consisted primarily of mineral fuels, mineral oils, organic chemicals, pharmaceutical products, nuclear reactors, boilers, machinery and mechanical appliances, manmade filaments, iron and steel, plastics, manmade staple fibers and electrical machinery.

source: WorldTrade Interactive



Warnaco Group, Inc.                                                                 Posted: Oct. 22, 2008


The summer 2008 issue of Warnaco One magazine, which is published tri-annually by the company to recognize its successes around the world and share best practices among its employees, includes an article about the 2008-09 ITM recipients of the 2008-09 Warnaco scholarships: Andrea Reyes and John Garcia. Article




Director-General Pascal Lamy                           Posted: Oct. 20, 2008

 WTO Director-General Pascal Lamy

The World Trade Organization (WTO) will coordinate with member economies to avoid protectionism and help the global economy tide over the fast-expanding financial crisis, the global trade body's chief said Sunday. "The primary role of the WTO at this moment is to serve as an insurance policy against protectionism; especially for developing countries, whose expansion relies very much on trade," Pascal Lamy, director-general of the WTO, told China Daily in an exclusive interview.

Admitting the financial crisis would inevitably hit international trading, he said global trade is being protected by commitments made by WTO members. "We see the big difference between the financial system and the trade system worldwide, which is that in trade we have rules, we have commitments and we have regulations," he said.

He cited the Asian financial crisis in the late 1990s, during which no protectionist measure was enacted and Southeast Asian countries pulled themselves out of the mire mostly through international trade. The WTO chief also urged countries to make sure the financial crisis does not hurt trade finance: Around 90 percent of the $14 trillion worth of trade is financed by trade credits. Trade finance is relatively unsophisticated, and deals are clearly and concretely collateralized with the cargoes.

The WTO created a taskforce last week to look into the effects of the financial crisis. Lamy added the crisis' impact on the Doha Round of world trade negotiations "remains to be seen". Trade ministers from over 30 major WTO members failed in July to narrow their differences on agriculture, trade and industrial market access, leading to a collapse of the talks. Lamy said the impact of the financial crisis on the talks might be "minus" because people's minds are concentrated on financial areas rather than trade, but it might be "plus" because countries would have to make sure their insurance policy is good.

Source: Oct. 20. 2008



Donate your Old Jeans                                                                      Posted: Oct. 14, 2008


FIT's chapter of the Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) has been chosen by Cotton, Inc. to take part in a nationwide “Denim Drive” collecting old denim and recycling it into insulation for Habitat for Humanity, a non-profit organization that builds homes for those in need. Donation bins marked “Change the World One Pair of Jeans at a Time” are located in FIT dorms and in buildings A, B, C and D. Jeans will be accepted until October 31, 2008. Special information tables will be available in A building on the following dates:
Tuesday         Oct. 14    12-5PM
Wednesday    Oct. 15     12-1PM and 4-5PM
Wednesday    Oct. 22      4-5PM
Bring your denim to these tables and you will receive a free Denim Drive T-Shirt from Cotton, Inc.


First Tom Lantos Scholar                                       Posted: Oct. 10, 2008


We are pleased to announce that Phil Friedman, President and Chief Executive Officer of Computer Generated Solutions (CGS), and Paul Magel, Senior Vice President of CGS and ITM advisory board member, have chosen Soo Jin Yoon as the recipient of the 2009 Representative Tom Lantos International Studies Scholarship.

Soo Jin will receive $10,000 in scholarship funds, an all-expense paid trip to Las Vegas to speak at CGS’ annual International User Conference, and a summer internship with CGS.
Soo Jin has five years of merchandizing experience, having worked for prestigious companies in South Korea such as Handsome Corp., where she managed a $45 million fashion brand; Gucci Group Korea; and Mine, S.A. She holds Master of Human Ecology in Fashion Marketing and Bachelor of Home Economics in Clothing and Textiles degrees from Seoul National University.
 Soojin Yoon, ITM major, and first recipient of the Representative Tom Lantos International Studies Scholarship (2009)

In her selection as the scholarship recipient, Soo Jin was recognized by CGS primarily for her ability to connect her background and goals with the ideals of Rep. Tom Lantos, the depth of her experience, and her demonstrated capacity to succeed in her chosen career. In her application for the 2009 Tom Lantos International Studies Scholarship, Soo Jin indicated her goal of pursuing a career in global marketing and using it as a means to build a bridge between the fashion industry and society by expanding her role to also protect intellectual property rights.


The judges were very impressed with all of the scholarship candidates, noting the professionalism of their applications, their impressive backgrounds, and their drive to make a special contribution to international business and humanitarian causes.

Rep. Tom Lantos was a distinguished U.S. Congress Representative from 1981 until his death in February 2008. Rep. Lantos was Chairman of the United States House Committee on Foreign Affairs and a member of the Congressional Progressive Caucus. He was a vocal speaker on issues undertaken by U.S. Congress’ International Relations Committee. Early in his career, Rep. Lantos was a professor of economics, an analyst on international affairs, and advisor of U.S. senators. He was also a well-known advocate of the environment, receiving consistently high ratings from the League of Conservation Voters and other environmental organizations. He also passionately championed human rights.

A close personal friend of Mr. Friedman, Rep. Lantos was very interested in the international aspects of the fashion industry and was a regular participant in CGS’s annual International User Conference. Mr. Friedman established the scholarship to honor Rep. Lantos and to promote his humanitarian values as well as global views to future generations.

Founded in New York City in 1984 as a systems integrator to the fashion industry, CGS currently serves North America, Europe, and Asia with 20 global locations and 2500 employees worldwide. CGS enables mid-market enterprises, Fortune 1000 companies, and government agencies to drive business transformation and improve operating performance by adapting and implementing advanced technology solutions.   Congratulations, Soo Jin!!



Talking Trade @FIT: A Guest Lecturer Series - Fall 2008                            Posted: Oct. 9, 2008

Wednesday, October 29, 2008
6:30 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. at John E. Reeves Great Hall at 28th St. and 7th Ave.

Co-sponsored by Panjiva, International Trade Students Association and International Trade Alumni Network

Professor Shireen Musa will moderate a panel consisting of ITM Alumni and sourcing experts regarding their experiences, responsibilities, and challenges in working within the global fashion industry. The panelist are:
- Josh Green, CEO, Panjiva
- Joanne Krakowski, U.S. Sales & Marketing Manager, Abhishek Industries Ltd.
- Bich Thu Cao Minh, Social Compliance Consultant, Cal Safety Compliance Corp.

- Laura T. Cupelli, Production Management, Carolina Herrea, PUIG USA Beauty and Fashion Group

Panjiva will host a networking event with complimentary refreshments at the conclusion of the program.



 ITM Advisory Board member Paul Magel from CGS

Computer Generated Solutions                            Posted: Oct. 8, 2008


During critical financial times, effective computer solutions can provide fashion companies the tools needed to survive and grow. Computer Generated Solutions' (CGS) BlueCherry Enterprise, a suite of applications designed specifically for the fashion industries, includes shop floor control, warehouse management, merchandise planning , distribution, product lifecycle management, business intelligence, back office systems and other essential features that empower fashion executives to make the right decisions. Paul Magel, CGS' Senior Vice President, and an active member of ITM Advisory Board is actively promoting BlueCherry in the United States and globally and has been profiled in the October issue of Fashion Manuscript. Article



        POSITIONS HAS BEEN FILLED           Revised Oct. 22, 2008


Congratulations:  Nataki & Donju


INTERNSHIP AVAILABLE AT CREATETHE GROUP                                            Posted: Oct. 2, 2008                    

Interactive Project Manager Intern                                                                                       
Company:  Createthe Group
Industry Advertising Agency/Interactive Luxury

Job Requirements:  Createthe Group has an immediate opening for an energetic and motivated Interactive intern with an interest in understanding web development to serve our fashion and luxury clients. The PM intern is responsible for assisting their associate and project manager to manage the internal creative and technical team and ensuring timely deliverables.

Responsibilities: (Assistance)
• Draft scopes of work, project plans and other project related documentation with team leads and Account Managers
• Manage multiple projects (large and small) for the entire life cycle of the project
• Partner with Account Manager to develop project strategy
• Responsible for all requirements, information, merchandising and training with createthe solutions and front end web build
• Manage the creative, technical, production and IA team throughout the project life cycle

• Strong technical interest of WWW and the software
• Knowledge/Interest of usability, quality assurance process and strong knowledge and use of project management best practices and software
• Strong interest and love of fashion

About Our Company: Createthe Group is the leading full-service interactive agency for luxury, fashion & retail brands. We are experts at delivering effective and highly creative interactive solutions: world class brand and eCommerce websites, strategic online marketing campaigns, and cutting-edge technology tools. We are proud to partner with our clients in the US and Europe including: Americana Manhasset, Balenciaga, Bottega Veneta, Burberry, Calvin Klein, David Yurman, Donna Karan, Estee Lauder, Ferragamo, Gucci, Interview Magazine, Krug, Marc Jacobs, Miu Miu, Movado, Nicole Miller, New York Times, Stella McCartney, Tom Ford and more.

Contact Nicole Baez, ITM '08, at to express interest in the position and for questions.


Seeking jobs in 2008

Worst Time for U.S. in 30 Years


It has been almost three decades since the term “misery index” gained political currency, as President Jimmy Carter confronted the twin problems of rising inflation and unemployment. Now that almost-forgotten index is rising more rapidly than at any time since Mr. Carter’s last year in office — 1980. The index is the sum of the unemployment rate and the inflation rate over the preceding 12 months. In normal times, the two indexes are likely to move in different directions, with inflation easing when unemployment rises, and climbing as the economy gets stronger and unemployment ebbs. This year, however, both have been rising. Article



2009 Representative Tom Lantos International Studies Scholarship
NEW SCHOLARSHIP FOR ITM MAJORS                                         Posted: Sept. 10, 2008

ITM is happy to announce a new scholarship available to full-time ITM majors who will be taking at least four courses in the Spring 2009 and four courses in the Fall 2009 semesters. This $10,000 scholarship is being funded by Computer Generated Solutions, Inc. (CGS) and it honors U.S. Congressman Thomas Lantos who died in February. The scholarship is for a full-time ITM student with a strong academic record and excellent written and oral skills as well as an interest and desire to participate in global issues during their career. The recipient is expected to speak at CGS’ annual conference in Las Vegas on Monday, 27 October, 2008 with travel expenses paid by the company. In addition, the recipient will be eligible for a summer (2009) internship with the company with possible permanent career opportunities there. Deadline to submit application is 3 pm of Wednesday, October 1, 2008.  APPLICATION


Become a Tutor For IN312 all ITM courses                                     Posted: Sept. 9, 2008


FIT's Academic Skills Tutoring Center is searching for ITM juniors and seniors who have completed ITM courses with good grades to tutor new students. Tutors meet with students on a one-to-one basis and develop studying strategies to complete a semester successfully. For more information, see Professor Debby Levine in room A608b , or call (212) 217-4080.




Who Will Be the Next Big Thing in Fashion?                                 Posted Sept. 7, 2008


WHO will be the Next Big Thing? That’s the question that perennially fuels the rave of creativity, stitchery and circus nerves that is New York Fashion Week. It’s the tease that attracts the thousands of designers, buyers, editors, photographers, stylists, models, bookers, trend forecasters, sharp-tongued blogosphere sibyls and the strung-out accountants who attempt to ride herd on all of the above to the Bryant Park tents twice a year. It’s the dream we all dream of a sartorial Lotto win.  Even with an economy dazed and numbed, the United States remains the world’s largest market for fashion, and New York is unquestionably the center of the global fashion image machine. True, consumer pocketbooks seem to be on temporary lockdown. But the assembly line keeps cranking all the same; the maw must be fed. ARTICLE.



U.S. Tariffs on Footwear's Can Reach 67%                                    Posted Sept. 6, 2008

Trade protectionism is typically defended as a way to protect American jobs, even if it doesn't. But who wins when we impose tariffs even if there are no American jobs to defend? With the exception of high-end footwear, more than 95% of the shoes Americans wear are produced outside the U.S. Yet the U.S. still imposes a tax on imported shoes that can reach as high as 67%, a legacy (believe it or not) of the Smoot-Hawley tariff of 1930. Shoe tariffs raise more money than auto tariffs, and the tax is applied most heavily on the lowest-priced imported footwear.

"This is the most regressive policy in America today," says Ed Gresser of the Progressive Policy Institute. "The biggest victims are poor, single mothers." He's right. The tariff steals about $5 billion a year from U.S. consumers, and a family that shops at Payless or Wal-Mart typically pays a $5 duty on a $15 pair of sneakers.

As with all tariffs, this one also creates perverse winners. Under current trade law, tariffs on fabric-soled shoes are only about one-third as high as tariffs on rubber-soled shoes. So one company, E.S. Originals of New York, has a patent for a process to imbed fabric into rubber soles. The sole purpose of this process is to get around the higher tariff. Shoe companies spend $40 million a year on royalties to pay for the imbedding technology -- which is an income transfer from low-income Americans to one company. One of the firms lobbying for retaining shoe tariffs is . . . E.S. Originals.

A coalition of retailers and shoe companies has been trying to build support to repeal the shoe tax, and it already has support from 157 U.S. House Members of both parties. The argument for doing so has gained momentum as import prices have climbed more than 20% so far this year thanks to the weak dollar. We hear that Ways and Means Chairman Charlie Rangel would like to repeal the tariff but feels constrained because under Congressional rules he'd have to raise taxes or cut spending by $2 billion a year to replace the lost revenue. Congress could always save the $2 billion by spending less, but it's politically so much easier to reduce the standard of living of working families by keeping an unjust tax.

Both parties talked about a lot about burdens facing the working class in their conventions. Repealing the shoe tariff is one quick way to make that more than just another political slogan.  -The Wall Street Journal - Sept. 6, 2008.



TALKING TRADE @ FIT                                                                          Posted Sept. 4, 2008

Designing Goods to Lower Customs Duties for Increased Profits

Tuesday, September 9, 2008 - 9:30 a.m. – 11:45 a.m. Great Hall at 28th St. and 7th Ave.
Co-sponsored by NEXCO
Robert L. Eisen, Baker and McKenzie LLP, and Diane Weinberg, Meeks, Sheppard, Leo & Pillsbury
Over the years importing companies have been very clever in designing their goods so as to pay the lowest possible customs duties (and, in the past quota costs) especially in industries such as apparel, accessories and footwear where duty rates can be as high as 20%-40%. The first segment will discuss actual examples of products legally designed to lower duty costs as well as some which were found to be violations of the customs laws. A company can dramatically reduce its cost of goods by taking into account the duty impact of the materials used in production, the method of construction as well as the way the goods are marketed and sold. The second segment will focus on the opportunities presented for companies to obtain duty free treatment under various free trade agreements by using knowledge of free trade agreement rules and classification principles in designing garments.  Fall Program




                   POSITION HAS BEEN FILLED                 Revised Sept. 15, 2008


PAID NON-CREDIT INTERNSHIP OPPORTUNITY                                                      Posted Sept. 4, 2008



The successful candidate would be expected to work full-time (40 hours a week) although the company will consider part-time candidates if two apply and are accepted.

The product development team works directly between the design and production teams as well as side by side with merchandising and fabric. The team covers both Men’s and Women’s lines.

The intern will also have the opportunity to gain exposure from Helmut Lang.

This position is available immediately.

The intern will assist my team with the following:
• Develop trims each season and order trims for sales samples
• Passing patterns, sketch details, stitch details and cut tickets to factories to make prototypes and sales samples.
• Pass development swatch ideas to factories to submit embellishment trials.
• Request fabric from fabric dept and physically pass to factories to make show samples.
• Request all sample trims required for show samples and pass to factories
• Track, receive and distribute show samples.
• Update delivery tracking info for show samples.
• Issue Purchase order for sales samples and track all development sampling
• Follow-up with tech department that tech packs are sent on a timely basis for development.
• Answer daily correspondence pertaining to all of the above functions



FIT Professor Shireen Musa

ITM Welcomes New Full-Time Professor                   Posted Aug. 27, 2008

Professor Shireen Musa, MBA

Shireen Musa graduated from FIT in 1994 with a B.S. in Marketing/International Trade, earned a MBA from Saint Peter’s College, and is a licensed U.S. Customhouse Broker.  After doing an internship at The Donna Karan Company she was offered  a position managing import, export and Customs compliance programs . In 1999 she became Project Manager in the Global Supply Chain Organization at Lucent Technologies, Bell Labs Innovations. She came back to FIT in 2002 as a part-time adjunct, developed and taught the course IN323 Import/Export Regulations, launched its online version a year later, and in 2005 piloted ITM's Mentoring Program. As a full-time professor, Shireen serves as ITM's liaison to the Admissions Office and is responsible for developing ITM's field of global sourcing mainly through its senior course IN433 Global Sourcing and other elective sourcing courses such as International Corporate Responsibility, sourcing of textile and home products, and sourcing principles for designers. Students are invited to visit her during her office hours, Tuesday and Thursdays 2pm-4pm, room B-449. 



Politics and Trade                                                                                                  Posted Aug. 27, 2008

DENVER — Democrats aim to strike a balance between free and fair trade principles in their 2008 party platform that was set to be adopted Tuesday night at the convention — and while some industry and labor groups said the party accomplished that goal, others contended the plan was inadequate and a cause for concern, particularly on global trade. Delegates at the Pepsi Center here heard a full lineup of speakers Tuesday, focusing on the faltering economy, job losses and personal hardship stories. Article


  THE WARNACO GROUP, INC. SCHOLARSHIPS AWARDED                                   Revised - Posted Aug 26, 2008

We are pleased to announce that the Warnaco Scholarship Selection Committee has chosen John Garcia and Andrea Reyes as the recipients of the 2008-09 The Warnaco Group, Inc. Scholarships.

John is a remarkable ITM student and Project Manager at Adrenalina, a Hispanic Advertising agency. He is so driven and motivated that he worked while studying full-time as a first generation American of Cuban descent. As a result of his efforts, he was able to study in Europe and work in Central America.

In recognizing John’s leadership capabilities, his Global Marketing professor indicated that John is inspiring, motivating, and sensitive to people’s feelings. While leading his team in the cotton awareness marketing campaign project, completing the ITM program, and working full-time, John also organized a team, which raised over $30,000, at the New York AIDS WALK.

Andrea joined ITM after a six-week teaching stint at an orphanage in Uganda. Her experience there enabled her to realize the inextricable connection between her passion for fashion and philanthropy that could take her back there someday. In addition to her skills in patternmaking and technical design, Andrea has a keen appreciation for international trade issues as exemplified by her lauded International Trade project on the Southern African Customs Union.

She is currently employed as a technical designer at Ingear Swimwear, creating technical packages for well-known brands like Jessica Simpson.

In their selection as the scholarship recipients, John and Andrea were recognized by the Selection Committee primarily for their persuasive presentation on why they deserved to win the scholarship, their leadership skills, their extensive contribution to society, as well as their ability to link their fashion industry experience with Warnaco’s strategy and their own future aspirations.

In their application for The Warnaco Group, Inc. Scholarships, John indicated his goal of representing Warnaco as an exceptional student, expanding international trade in Latin America, as well as working in a team that would create global awareness to conserve natural resources and Andrea expressed her desire to fuse her love of the fashion industry and international trade with that of helping others by forming a non-profit organization in Eastern Africa that would import used clothing, recycle them into home goods or ready-to-wear ladies garments, and export them to other countries.

The judges were very impressed with the applicants, noting the research and preparation conducted about the company prior to the interview as well as deep knowledge of the issues facing the fashion industry.

We hope that you will all join us in congratulating John and Andrea for their well-deserved recognition.


Rob Portman (former USTR, 2005-06), Susan Schwab (USTR 2006-2008), and Pascal Lamy, (WTO Director-General, since 2005). Pascal Lamy was Commissioner for Trade at the European Commission, the EU's USTR, between 1999 and 2004.

Doha Post-Mortem:                                                   Posted Aug. 25, 2008

The Outlook for Trade After the Collapse of the WTO Talks
Since the most recent collapse of the World Trade Organization’s Doha Round negotiations in late July, there has been much speculation about how the failure to secure a new trade liberalization agreement will affect the future of global commerce. Some say the talks effectively died years ago and that there are simply too many fundamental differences to overcome to achieve any type of meaningful agreement. The fallout, they say, could be a rise in anti-globalization sentiment that translates into not only greater economic protectionism but also a decline in international cooperation in general. Others counter that the talks merely faltered in Geneva over a technical issue, that a breakthrough agreement is in fact closer than ever, and that much like the Uruguay Round before it the Doha Round will pick up again in a year or two and come to a successful conclusion. The real news, they say, is how the rise of the advanced developing countries will affect trade policymaking in the years ahead. Article


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