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2009 Economic Forum on India and China Businesses


Friday, April 24, 2009  -  From 9:00 a.m. until 1:30 p.m.

John E. Reeves Great Hall - Fashion Institute of Technology

Seventh Avenue at 28th Street, New York City




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1. Asian Business Women- Vital to building tomorrow’s successful workforce in the USA.
Asian women are the most highly educated group relative to other women constituencies in the USA. They represent one of the fastest growing groups in the US labor force. They are a pool of talent that has not been fully recognized by many businesses. Asian women represent the fastest-growing group of entrepreneurs, and their consumer buying power is rapidly growing. Our distinguished panel of Asian women leaders will discuss the importance of tapping Asian women in terms of leadership, talent, and market opportunity.


2. How to succeed in China and India?
                           The dos and don'ts...
Businesses that successfully expand into emerging markets exhibit careful planning in four key areas - talent, risk assessment, organizational structure and R&D.  Successful companies have used different strategies to enable expansion and growth in the Indian and Chinese markets. Our panelists will discuss their strategies for success in China and India, including the use of local talent, modifying business practices to better align with cultural differences, and responding to the unique political dynamics and evolving status of the support infrastructure.


3. The world’s hottest consumer markets: India and China
The integration of more than one billion Chinese and Indian workers into the global economy over the past quarter century was one of the most important economic events ever. Yet of even greater importance for the future are the rising incomes of Chinese and Indian consumers. The addition of more than two billion consumers to the global economy will almost certainly contribute to the growth of global food retailers and their suppliers.

Our esteemed panelists will offer their point of view on the evolution and future direction of the consumer markets in China and India, including risk and success of doing business in each market



Presented by the Department of International Trade & Marketing

Christine S. Pomeranz, Chairperson


Keynote Speakers:

Dr. A.M. Gondane, Deputy Consul General

Andrew Choy, Partner, China Desk - Asia Pacific Business Group, ITS, Ernst & Young


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