MARCH 6 - APRIL 7, 2012

Fashion Goes Pop

Rock and roll was the pulsing, ubiquitous soundtrack of youthful rebellion, which included bold experimentation in dress. Rock transformed the traditional fashion show from a decorous procession into a runway romp. Models no longer merely walked but danced in an exhilarating performance of daring, provocative styles.

The fusion of music and fashion was embodied literally by musician Françoise Hardy, who was frequently shown in the pages of Vogue modeling youthquake styles. As the decade progressed, bands such as the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, and the Who evolved in look as well as sound from Mod to Hippie. Jimi Hendrix, a frequent traveler between London and San Francisco, helped to popularize psychedelic styles across continents.

The Who album cover
Françoise Hardy
Model wearing ensembles by Foale & Tuffin
Model wearing ensembles by Foale & Tuffin
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