The Artful Line: Drawings & Prints from FIT’s Special Collections presents treasures from the Fashion Institute of Technology’s Gladys Marcus Library. Rarely seen by the general public, most are on view for the first time at The Museum at FIT, June 19 - July 31, 2004. From 18th-century tailoring and wig making guides to contemporary fashion illustrations, Special Collections has exceptional archival materials related to fashion history. The exhibit is curated by Tamsen Schwartzman, Coordinator of Special Programs, the Museum at FIT.

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1. Coloring in the Lines: 18th and 19th-Century Illustrated Books & Periodicals
2. The Guidelines: Manuals, Patterns, Graphs & Charts
3. The Artful Line: Nouveau to Deco
4. The Bottom Line
5. Directing the Line of Type
6. The Art of Pattern, Line & Design
7. Designer Archives
8. Oral History Project of the Fashion Industries
9. The Finished Line: The Frances Neady Collection of Original Fashion Illustrations
10. About Special Collections

11. Credits

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-- Jorge Luis Borges (1899-1986)

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--Carl T. Rowan (1925-1975)