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Do not attempt to logon unless you have been given permission by your course instructor.

Please report all usage problems or difficulty to your course instructor.


Scheduled Downtime

Saturdays 2AM to 3AM

On Campus access (Use only if you are accessing Webpdm from FIT): Click here to login

Off Campus access
- * Read the instructions before clicking on the Off Campus link * -
You must now login with your FIT username and password in order for the WebPDM login page to be displayed. 1. On the "Fashion Institute of Technology Databases" page, login with your FIT username and password
2. If your login was successful you will be presented with the Webpdm login page.
3. On the Webpdm page, login with the account information provided by your course instructor


Click here to login to WebPDM when Off Campus (Be sure to have read the information above)