liquid architecture

Liquid Architecture

Juan Ramos, creative partner of the late fashion illustrator, Antonio Lopez, coined the term Liquid Architecture to describe Isabel Toledo’s jersey dresses. The name conveys not only the fluid nature of the knitted fabric, but also Toledo’s ability to give her designs a structure that, in some cases, seems to defy gravity.

Tequila Sunrise is a multi-tiered dress made primarily of horizontal bands of rayon jersey. The bottom band is double-faced satin that flares out like a cone. The addition of the stiffer fabric results in what Toledo calls "a barrel effect," allowing the entire dress, except for the shoulders, to sit away from the body.

Pedestal, made primarily of jersey crepe, is a marvel of seaming and piecing. The skirt, from the hip to the knee, is made from vertical, arched gores that are seamed together. The base of the skirt is three bands of fabric: a patchwork of crocheted cotton lace and silk netting sandwiched between the top and bottom bands, which are made of wool felt. Although they fall in wh t appears to be concentric, graduated circles, the wool felt is actually arced, while the patchwork is straight.

tequila sunrise dress
ruben illustration
pedestal dress