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1stdibs.com, the online resource for antique and vintage design, is a main sponsor of the exhibition, American Beauty, and the American Style symposium. 1stdibs is presenting an exclusive editorial feature on its website throughout the run of the exhibition.

The Coby Foundation, a New York-based organization that supports exhibitions and educational programming that combine excellent scholarship and effective interpretation of the needle arts, including fashion, is providing additional support for the exhibition and symposium. In particular, The Coby Foundation made it possible for students to attend the symposium without charge.

yoox.com, the online fashion retailer, is the museum's media partner for American Beauty. The site has unique online content including videos with curator Patricia Mears as well as designers.

A lavishly illustrated book, also called American Beauty: Aesthetics and Innovation in
, has been published by Yale University Press, with proceeds going to the Fashion Institute of Technology.

Exhibition Curator: Patricia Mears
Exhibition Designer: Charles B. Froom
Exhibition Manager: Fred Dennis
Editor: Julian Clark
Photography: Eileen Costa
Website Design: Tamsen Schwartzman