Delman showcased fine craftsmanship as much as it promoted beautiful design. In an extravagant gesture consistent with his theatrical style of brand promotion, Mr. Delman installed a large oval window on the second floor of his Madison Avenue store in order to showcase three cobblers hard at work. Print advertisements also drew attention to the fine construction of Delman’s ready-to-wear shoes. Their unique workmanship did more than provide a comfortable fit; as Mr. Delman boasted: "We’ve put so much handwork in them that they will defy the copyist."

From the start, Delman Shoes was known for its innovative use of materials—some rather exotic, such as zebra, frog, and monkey skins. In 1939, the company created a "Cinderella slipper" made of glass fabric with glass heels. Such experimentation proved especially valuable during World War II, when Regulation L-85 curtailed the use of leather and many other materials from 1942 to 1945.

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