Yoshiki Hishinuma
/ Hoops & Bustles
Designs may be inventive and modern even when they reinterpret garments as seemingly antithetical to modern fashion as hoop skirts or bustles. Detractors have decried referencing as derivative, but innovation is often the result of a backward glance to fashions past.

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Hishinuma’s reinterpretation of 19th-century dress juxtaposes east and west, as well as the historical and the modern, by fusing the traditional Japanese tie-dye technique of shibori with a bodice and cage crinoline inspired by mid-19th-century western clothing. The designer is best known for his innovations and experiments with synthetic textiles, demonstrated here through heat-set textural details on the fabric.

Yoshiki Hishinuma
Evening dress
White and fuchsia polyester, cage crinoline with nylon
Fall 1996, Japan
The Museum at FIT, 2007.33.2
Gift of Yoshiki Hishinuma