Alice Bloom in conversation with Emma McClendon and Arielle Elia, assistance curators at The Museum at FIT about recent advances in digital technology and how it inspires and informs "mainstream" fashion, avant garde fashion and even traditional designers.

Leah Buechley, creator of the LilyPad, demonstrates her cycling jacket that signals left and right hand turns through LED programed by the LilyPad.

Freedom of Creation video visualizing the process of 3D printing a bag for The Museum at FIT.

tshirtOS by Cute Circuit is the first programmable t-shirt.

DVF [through Glass] - Diane Von Furstenberg’s Spring 2013 show filmed using Glass, Google’s latest video technology.

Suzanne Lee, author of Fashioning The Future and director of Biocouture Lecture, at TED

Leah Buechley speaks about using conductive ink at TED

Chanel's Spring 2006 runway show used a giant computer to project the runway show.

The Wonderful World of Wash ‘n’ Wear 1958. The exhibition features a Wash ‘n’ Wear suit from 1959.

Karl Lagerfeld Keynote speech at Le Web conference 2011.