Interesting blog to look at for continually updated reporting on different fashion and technology projects and trends.

The Tech of Fashion: 10 Ways Technology Drives Tomorrow’s Fashion
A list of innovative projects that show the multifaceted applications of technology in fashion….

6 Most Innovative Ways To Experience Fashion Week
An article on Fast Company discussing the ways digital technology and social media have changed the ways we experience fashion weeks around the world.

LilyPad Website
The LilyPad Arduino is a microcontroller board that can be sewn into clothing and programmed to perform different functions: illuminate a light bulb, play music, or even monitor the wearer’s heartbeat.

Engineers Are from Mars, Fashion Designers are from Venus:
Bridging the Gap Betweeen Two Opposing Industries

A paper by Angel Chang. Her romper using Thermochromic Ink is featured in the exhibition.
(This is a PDF)

Burberry Retail Theater - Spring / Summer 2013 runway show
Viewers were able to purchase looks off the runway for up to one week. The video page provides descriptions of the looks as you hover over the thumbnail.

Microsoft Trendwatching: Fashion and Technology
Blog post about how interactive technology is being integrated into retail environments.

Maison Martin Margiela invitation
A video showing the digital marquee effect on the invitation to the launch of Maison Martin Margiela’s collaboration with H&M.

Augmented (Fashion) Reality
Article on Fast Company about how fashion is an important cultural sphere to look at when thinking about what is going to come next in technology and other fields in the future.

Watch: Alexander McQueen’s Fall Campaign Video is a Trippy Fashion Rave
Alexander McQueen’s technologically inspired video for Fall 2012 collection.