[Muffie Potter] Aston’s earliest memory of Delmans was when she was seven or eight at a tea party," recounted Marshall Heyman in Vogue. "‘My mother had on this cream-colored Chanel bouclé suit and these Delman shoes,’ she says. ‘It was sexy and yet it was demure…I couldn’t wait to grow up and wear those shoes.’"

Generations of women have found a perfect combination of elegance and comfort in Delman shoes. When Herman Delman started his shoe company in 1919, he set out to "beautify the female foot." Delman wanted to promote his ideal vision of a "lady": fashionable, graceful and – in a pair of Delman shoes – a more glamorous version of herself. A purveyor of custom-made as well as ready-to-wear shoes, the company became known for fine construction, much of it hand-crafted.

Shoes created by Delman’s imaginative designers and skilled cobblers were promoted with clever marketing strategies, and Delman Shoes quickly grew into a successful business that catered to fashionable women and celebrities. The company continues to follow this tradition today, connecting modern women with the legacy of Herman Delman.


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