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The Tailor's Art


Creation of the Manís Suit
The Suit in the 19th Century
Menís Dressing Gown and Waistcoat Fabrics
Menís Accessories in the 19th Century
Neckties and Cravats
Menís Accessories in the 20th Century
Tailoring for Women
Appropriating the Dandy
Contrast Between the Modern Suit and Feminine Fashion
Mid-Century America: Conformity in Suburbia
Mid-Century Humor: Conversational Textiles
Counterculture Menswear
Contemporary Tailoring for Men
Menswear Fabrics - A Glossary



Leisure activities took on new social importance in the mid-20th century. With the growth of the suburbs, a new casual lifestyle encompassed family activities, such as the backyard barbeque. There was a clear distinction between business attire and casual clothing. Printed fabrics were popular for at-home attire, and new printing techniques, such as photographic transfers and screen printing, made these fabrics affordable.

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All photographs by Irving Solero, courtesy of the Museum at FIT, unless otherwise noted.